Formula One To Go To Fight Of Money Splits.

Formula One To Go To Fight Of Money Splits.Who is behind this wild venture? Most current Formula One fans know Windsor as an interviewer and newshound who appears on diverse TV feeds including SPEED. Before he started raising questions nevertheless, Windsor was concerned in the running of the Williams and Ferrari groups. Windsor has put the team along with American Ken Anderson. Anderson is famous in NASCAR and Indy Vehicle circles. Hence what does this mean? Have the groups ultimately unified? Are they serious about getting additional cash from the game based totally on a real threat to leave? Is Ferrari truly pleased to go to that length? Obviously , something has changed in the connection between Ferrari and Ecclestone. On March five, 2009, FOTA will hold a press meeting where it’ll announce the objectives of the groups for the future. It is going to be fascinating to observe the method play out.

It could be a ground-breaking day in the history of Formula One. BMW returned to Formula One in 2k with the Williams team. The team wasn’t especially successful and they’d a falling out in 2005 but BMW acquired Sauber and therefore the BMW Sauber F1 team formed. Formula One has lately had one or two rule changes that makers don’t like like aerodynamic limitations and funding restrictions. Fans hate them as well as it just isn’t exciting to look at any more and everybody wishes the sport would go back like it used to be. He will not be driving the red Ferrari, however. No, he has jumped down the pit lane to the Muscle team, where he will find his old partner in crime Ross Muscle . The team is now known as Mercedes given that makers call to rescue on scandal ridden McLaren and invest in its own team. Does the king still have it? Will Lewis and Jenson sabotage each others seasons? Will Fernando and Ferrari rise from the ashes to claim the championship? They’re interesting questions, but most guess they’re unimportant.

It seems like this is the year of the energy drink. Yes, I’m picking Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull to take the championships. This approach made assertive driving the end all to getting results. In Any Case , the 1st offered concept was to dump the point systems totally and award a gold gong to the winner with a silver and bronze to the second and 3rd place finishers. Alas, the groups wouldn’t consent to it since back marker groups would not be capable of being happy about gaining some points by finishing 5th as an example. After much chomping of teeth, it would appear like the FIA and groups are about to consent to a last scoring system that’s seriously different than what we have had, but will meet everybody’s wants.

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